.::ZENO::. – Urban&Sexy Clothes

This is a new Designer that comes with so amazing designs lets check out some of them 🙂

This brown dress is called Benekli yuzucu Dress Beautifull and Sexy!

This Jeans are very very original are called yirtik jeans and comes in two colors Blue and Black (kinda gray)

Sexi Elbise

And comes in all this colors !

.::ZENO::. Sexi tayt ve Aski
.::ZENO::.  Gogus bantlar

.::ZENO::. Siyah yuzucu dress

.::ZENO::. Spor Elbise- Siyah Can be used as a dress or as a shirt

.::ZENO::. Spor Elbise Yesil and Mor

.::ZENO::. Spor Tayt

.::ZENO::. Askili badi

.::ZENO::. Jean Dark Blue



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